November thoughts

It’s a boring thing to start with but, it’s a bit bloody cold isn’t it? Scraping ice off my car is probably my least favourite thing about Winter, but luckily I can cope knowing that Christmas is just round the corner. I love love love buying gifts and finding stocking fillers and perfect presents for people. I usually get a bit too excited for Christmas a little bit too early but I’m hoping this year my festive mood will last well up to January 1st.

Winter coat - Sainsburys

Following on from the boring weather chat, I bought a new winter coat – and from Sainsburys no less. I always forget that supermarkets actually provide a pretty good selection of clothes and shoes, so they’re definitely not one to discount just because of the label. I’ve had a smart, grey winter coat for a while though it’s very restrictive if I’m wearing a lot of layers (it’s only done up using poppers so these often come undone – I’d like to say this is the layers but it may be my ever-expanding stomach). Anyway, I wasn’t necessarily on the hunt for a new coat but this one caught my eye. I love the fluffy hood – it’s gigantic and a little ridiculous but oh so cosy and the fur lining is extremely soft. It zips up nicely and has buttons as well, and plenty of room to allow for excessive Christmas eating. It was £40 which seemed a little pricy for Sainos, but actually it’s really reasonable for a winter coat and very good quality.

Christmas - Yay!

Home Bargains has been my first port of call for stocking fillers and Christmas gifts so far – dangerously, a store has just opened up near my work so I’ve been popping in far too regularly! I’ve started my Christmas shopping but I’ve got a long way to go.

Speaking of, I’ve finished my Christmas card design for this year, too (you can see it below). I always like to design my own, and have done for since I started uni in 2009. Last year was a very typographic design but I wanted this year’s to be an illustration, especially as it was a personal goal to draw more this year. I’ve had a few comments as to whether I’m going to sell them and I’ve decided I am, so if you’re interested then just drop me a tweet or message on Instagram! There’s a few more details in this insta post if you’d like to know prices.

President Trump - The US Election

I’m not going to pretend I know enough about American politics to make a cohesive statement, but what I do know is the disappointment that has been felt around the world at this decision. It certainly feels like the heartbreak of #brexit all over again, except on a much larger scale and no possibility of backing out. I fear for many Americans futures now, and the damaging message this sends to those around the world. I know Clinton isn’t an angel, and I don’t know if she’ll have made good decisions, but surely, surely, she was a better choice than someone who isn’t even a politician. Someone who has sexual attack charges open against them, someone who makes derogatory remarks about women. Someone who wants to build a wall, akin to Berlin? I just can’t comprehend it. And I’m going to reiterate the fact that I really don’t know enough about politics, and that I’d like to learn more, but I also didn’t want to stay silent on this huge issue. I think it's so important to talk, and write, during these times and sometimes I feel sad that so many bloggers with such huge audiences and influence choose to be silent. I read Mish's post on her post-election thoughts and she's written how I feel in a much more eloquent way, so I definitely recommend her post if you'd like to read more.

I, Daniel Blake - Directed by Ken Loach

On a similarly heartbreaking note, I watched I, Daniel Blake earlier this month. It won the Palme d'Or award at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival and it’s a compelling, hard-hitting insight in to the working class and the war on benefits – difficult to watch and sadly, a very realistic insight in to the politics that is affecting our country. This film affected me a lot, and I sobbed in the cinema at the rawness of it all – and the knowledge that those who most need to watch this film, won’t. It’s a film that has stayed with me, and though I feel helpless to making changes higher up, it doesn’t mean I’m helpless completely. I discovered a wonderful new business on Twitter called ‘Breakfast in a bag’ and have donated – I feel a lot more passionate now after seeing the film and realising the effects that benefits, or lack of, can have on people. .

In other, more hopeful news, I start my new job tomorrow! This year has been an intense one and I plan on writing a post rounding up 2016 before the year is out. For now, I just hope to settle in ok and find my feet! Tell me what’s been having with you guys recently? xo

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