Taco Bell Southampton

Taco Bell... has come to Southampton!

Last Monday I was kindly invited to the VIP pre-launch evening to the new Taco Bell that has opened just off of Southampton High Street. I flipping love Mexican food so it’s safe to say I was excited, and, judging by the people there (and how busy it has been since it officially opened on Wednesday), the rest of Southampton would agree with me.

I think the draw to this place is that it’s something different. Extremely popular in the US, it’s a recent addition over here and this latest opening is the very first south of London. A very welcome change from the usual burger and fries, Taco Bell serves Mexican inspired food including burritos, quesadillas and, of course, tacos!

We arrived on the night to a restaurant full of excited and hungry people, and sat down with the other Southampton bloggers. We started with some loaded nachos, and then learnt some more about the company and their goals for the UK from Nick Dawson, General Manager for Taco Bell UK. We also helped ourselves to refillable soft drinks throughout the night, and another element that makes Taco Bell so unique on the high street, is the option of alcohol – they had Tequila Lime Slushis and beer on offer throughout the evening.

Then it was on to the mains! I wasn’t a huge fan of their burrito, but massively enjoyed the beef taco, even if it was incredibly messy to eat! I had the classic hard shell, but it’s good to know that both their beef and chicken have the soft shell option, too. My absolute favourite dish was the quesadilla – full to the brim with three cheeses and scoffed extremely quickly.

As if that wasn’t enough, it was onto puddings. Their unique ‘Chocadilla’ had me intrigued and, what is quite simple a kitkat in a flour wrap, was really rather tasty. Anything full of melted chocolate has a tick in my book. They also serve churros, though unfortunately I didn’t get to taste one, I’ve heard it’s a winner.

The staff were very attentive all evening, and it was great to see an open kitchen so you can see the food being made fresh to order. There was also a photo booth on the night which was a big hit, as well as their very own Snapchat filter.

After a very busy start since opening to the public last Wednesday, I’ve no doubt it will do well and the chain will expand further along the south coast. Southampton Taco Bell is located at Hanover Buildings, down the road with Forbidden Planet and Laura Ashley.

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