Current favourites



I’ve really felt inspired to scrapbook lately, and it’s a good feeling! I always do my monthly Project Life spread (a pocket page system that uses photos and journaling cards to document events), but I’ve been more inspired to create 12 x 12 layouts, too. I’m subscribed to a lot of scrapbookers on YouTube and I love watching process videos – especially if they’re UK based. Here are a few of my favourites: Hey ElsieChloeMurraySuseFish and KittyScrapper


This might jump me up into the prematurely-aged category, but I’ve recently started my patio garden with grand plans for home-grown veg. I’ve been doing my research properly this year to give me a head start – last year I had a grow bag with a to,ato plant and a cucumber plant already started from Graham’s mum, but this time I’m trying to grow everything myself from seeds. Wish me luck!


Ironically, with Instagram being all over the internet last week for a bad decision, and users sharpening their pitchforks with intent, I’ve actually started to love it more recently. Though the algorithm and Instagram’s decision to apparently ignore the large campaign against the change is disappointing, it has resulted in me using the app differently.

I won’t be turning notifications on for any posts, instead, I’m being a lot more active rather than a silent user. I’m posting the same, but in terms of other people’s content, I’m interacting a whole lot more by ‘liking’ all the photos I love, and commenting every now and again, too. The algorithm, as I understand it, will mean the feed won’t be shown chronologically, and instead will show your favourites at the top of your feed, along with the content it thinks you will prefer. In preparation, I’m just being a whole lot more obvious about which content I’d rather see, and which users I love. I’ll still be stalking browsing specific users in the search function, but it will be interesting to see how and if the change will roll out, and how much it will affect certain users. I finally changed my username to something more legible, and you can find me here.

And some others...

Other minimal favourites of mine this month include: My new washi tape and wooden dispenser (found in Homesense), a big haul of new makeup (because everything seems to run out at the same time) and – another potentially ridiculous favourite for a 23 year old – my new hoover. After months of indecision, I finally invested in a Dyson and it’s made my life (and carpets) a whole lot nicer. Adulthood, huh? *groan*