October update

It’s Sunday evening. As usual, I’ve got the Sunday blues but I’ve distracted myself by baking cookies, watching Youtube videos and there’s a roast chicken currently cooking in the oven.

Autumn is definitely drawing in and I’m feeling really cosy. The electric blanket and heating is well and truly on, the evenings are getting darker and I’m feeling that usual niggling itch that I really need to start thinking about Christmas presents. A lot has happened since my last post, I don’t think life has got any less crazy! I’ll most likely share some words about it all soon, but for now, I’ll keep it simple.


If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll probably know by my incessant tweeting on Wednesday evenings that the Great British Bake Off is totally my jam. I’m not even going to go in to the whole moving to channel 4 thing, but yes, my heart broke into two and will likely only be glued together by a whole load of chocolate. Anyway, I love GBBO, and I love baking. Their new range of products has just been launched and includes cake tins, stands, timers, magnets and aprons, of course. I was sent a cake tin to try out and I have to say, it’s wonderful. The colour is beautiful, a sort of pastel teal blue, with pretty little illustrations of the iconic tent in a pattern around the sides. It’s a really good size too – the bigger the better in my opinion when it comes to cake.

The tin comes with a pen and the top is adorned with a space for you to write in – Star Baker tops this but I’ve been using it simply to label what is inside. The pen wipes off really easily and leaves no smudges or marks so that’s a big plus. Anything in their new range would be perfect Christmas gifts for bakers and fellow Selasi lovers, I'm sure.

In other news...

In other news, I’m still going with my Inktober challenge – which I’m pretty pleased with. There have been a few moments when it’s been a bit of chore and I’ve wanted to give up – engagement is low and it’s hard to feel the community aspect. Nevertheless, I’m continuing on until the end of the month and reminding myself that I am doing this for me and you – sharing my love for art and everything that goes along with it.

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