10 Art Journal prompts

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I started art journaling in 2007 and I love looking back through the pages, filled with memories and quotes, raw emotion and heaps of experimentation and creativity. Though art jouranling hasn't been high on my priority list in the past few years, it's a great way to be creative without feeling any pressure to create something conventionally beautiful. I just paint, or stick, or colour, and see where it takes me. Journaling and adding my thoughts to the pages is wonderfully cathartic and, during my later teenage years. became a great source of therapy for me.

No matter how you use your journal (you can check out my older post of How to Journal: 4 Ways if you need some ideas!), sometimes a blank white page can be a little daunting. In this post, I'm sharing a mix of written and creative prompts to get you going, and you're welcome to interpret these into whichever way suits you and your journaling style.

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1. Journal a reminder to yourself.

Create a background using cutouts from a magazine and write your reminder over the top.

2. Your travel bucket list.

Find an old map in a charity shop and stick it in - Cut it double the size of your page and you can fold out the map from your journal, too!

3. Stick in a photo and write in it's negative space.

Choose a photo with a main focal point and a light background around it, and add your words around the subject in this space.

4. Stitch elements on to the page.

Stitching is really therapeutic and a great activity to do while watching TV.

5. Create a background using used envelopes.

The back of envelopes create a good blank canvas and useful extra page blanks for your journal.

art collage scrapbook
Art journal collage.jpg

6. Print the tenth photo in your phones photo roll.

Write about the story behind it.

7. Write a note on paper and simply tape it in over a painted background.

It can be as simple as taping in your to do list from today!

8. Cut a floral cluster from fabric/patterned paper.

Add doodles around the shape and fill your page.

9. Use patterned paper

Stick in some heavy patterned paper and paint over it with white paint to create a textured background.

10. Play with watercolour and paint a page.

Add drip effects and just enjoy the process.