DIY Recipe folder | Free recipe card download

I've been thinking about creating my own recipe book for a long time. Ever since I moved out of my parent's home in 2012, I've collected a lot recipes and ideas for baking. I've got lots of recipe books on my bookshelf, but I also have a little notebook that is crammed full of different bits of paper, recipe cards and printouts I've collected and found on the internet. I've always wanted to make my own, one that was a bit neater and definitely more organised! It took too much time shuffling through all the various, random pieces of paper to find the one I want. One thing that I knew I wanted, was to have the recipe cards I create to be removable. I didn't want a big notebook because I find it clutters up the space I need in the kitchen - I like being able to take one sheet and move it around with me or for it to be easily moved aside. So, that's where the idea of a recipe folder came in. I can't take credit for this - if you'd like to create an accordian-style folder like I have, I used this tutorial on DamaskLove. I found the trickiest part was attaching the card dividers to the folded edges - very fiddly but it definitely helps to have strong glue. I used washi tape in the end to reinforce mine. I made mine smaller because I didn't want anything too big - so I opted for a folder that is roughly A5 size.

I covered the cardboard ends with scrapbooking paper, and used card for all the paper inside too. To keep it all together, I wanted something that could wrap around the book rather than having it all loose (I don't want my recipes flying everywhere!) I actually used a magnet that was from Sainsburys, but you can use a big button or anything else that is quite raised or thick, and just stuck this on with a really strong adhesive. I cut a piece of twine and knotted it around the fastening using one end. With the other, simply wrap it around the folder and then back round the fastening a few times. It keeps it nice and secure, but just make sure the fastener you use is securely adhered.

Now for the fun part - filling it! As I said, I've got a pile of recipes that are ready to be organised. I've created a PDF that you can download - it is a simple recipe card that can be decorated however you like! I love having photos with my recipes, so I printed out little photos of the finished product (either my own photos or one from the website where I got the recipe) and just glued that in the space on the top of the card - the size of your photos should be 2.5 inches square to fit in the space perfectly. I know a lot of people instagram their food and their bakes, so I definitely had no shortage of my own photos to choose from! If you like the recipe cards I created, please remember to only use these for personal use. If you create your own folder and use my cards, I'd love to see! All I've got to do now is write out all my recipes, but I know the end result will look really cute! Then, when I get a new one, I can just print out another template and add it to my folder with the others. :)

Here is the free download of the recipe cards. Please link back if you share these on your own blog!